Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

In South Carolina the law requires an attorney to be involved in all real estate transactions. This is required in order to provide protection for the consumer. I represent the Purchaser or Seller to protect their rights. I have experience handling all types of residential real estate transactions in South Carolina and I am here to help you through a wide range of transactions.

Buying & Selling Residential Properties

If you are considering purchasing or selling property in South Carolina, contact my office and I will review all purchase and sale agreements and loan agreements. It is important to have these documents reviewed by an experienced attorney so your interests are protected throughout the transaction.

Residential Loan Closings

During a loan closing, you will be expected to review a host of documents including loan documents, truth in lending disclosures and more. This can feel overwhelming; I can review these documents with you, so you understand what you are signing and the financial impact of the documents. Closing attorneys play significant roles in loan closings; making sure your interests are protected is one of those roles.


One of the most important parts of refinancing a residential property is ensuring you understand the loan documents presented by a lender. If you are refinancing a residential property, contact my office; I’ll be happy to review all the documents, ensure you understand the terms, and make sure you are not signing documents which can create issues later.

Equity Lines of Credit

Many borrowers are not aware that nonpayment on an equity line of credit can lead to foreclosure and the loss of their home. In addition, some terms are onerous; in some cases, there are prepayment penalties and other penalties associated with these loans. I am happy to work with you to review all your loan documents before you agree to the terms. You must have a complete understanding of the terms and possible risks associated with loan closings. I will help you.


The preparation of a deed may appear to be a simple task, being “Just a piece of paper.” Having a deed prepared improperly can result in a cloud on your title, creating significant problems in the future. Many times, the problems will lay dormant for years, only to be discovered after people pass away and are no longer around to fix the problem. I will prepare your deeds properly, ensure their timely recording. I will also stand behind the work I do.

Title Examinations

An attorney should do a title review prior to your accepting a deed or signing a mortgage note. In many cases, properties which have transferred multiple times over the years could still have remaining liens which could impact your ability to sell, refinance, and even insure property. I will conduct a thorough title examination of your property or property you have an interest in purchasing.

Deeds of Distribution

Deeds of Distribution are necessary when a person passes away owning property, or an interest in property, that is not titled with Joint Right of Survivorship. A Deed of Distribution transfers the ownership interest from the estate to the heirs of the Decedent. Due to the potential complexity of these deeds, a real estate attorney needs to prepare them properly.

Construction Loans

When you are building residential properties, whether a single-family home or a development, it becomes important to have a plan in place to present to the construction lender. In most cases, the lender also prefers to work through an escrow agent to distribute funds. Contact my office today if you are seeking construction financing and let me help you through this process.
At The Real Estate & Business Law Firm of Franklin M. Shuler, LLC we have experience with all types of residential real estate projects. Contact my Sumter, South Carolina office today and set an appointment; I am happy to guide you through the entire process from review of the Construction Contract to the final permanent loan closing.