General Areas of Practice

General Areas of Practice

I have experience handling numerous legal issues; I know when you come to me with a problem you are interested in finding a solution. I remain focused on getting the answers and finding the solutions that are best for your specific legal challenges.

Property Divisions

Partitioning the family farm or dividing jointly owned property can be a daunting task. Usually, there are many competing interests. I have twenty-five years of experience helping people come to a resolution of how to divide their property. For those who have purchased property with more than one lot, there are numerous considerations when you are considering splitting the property up. New deeds, property lines, surveys and more must be established, and local ordinances have to be adhered to; I can help you through this process.

Timber Deeds

When you are allowing deforestation on your land, there are numerous issues which must be addressed. I can help you work out the details of a timber deed to ensure your rights are protected.


Easements can be created by an agreement which is recorded in the Register of Deed’s Office. They can also be created by use, necessity, prescription, etc. Property cannot be landlocked by law. There must be an access point to the property. What can I do if someone blocks my ability to get to my property? What do I need to consider, if I want to limit the access or use of my property by others? What rights do utility companies have to access my property? These are some questions I can provide answers to.

Title Insurance

Title insurance policies are designed to insure against loss as a result of a title issue which leads to actual loss on part of the insured. Title insurance policies are typically written to protect only lenders. However, I recommend to my clients that they purchase an owner’s policy to protect themselves against loss. I write insurance policies for two title insurance companies. Investors Title Insurance Company and WFG National Title Company. These two companies are highly rated and stand behind their product and services. That is why I chose to partner with them. I have confidence in knowing my clients are protected.

Farm Lease Agreements

If you are considering leasing out all or part of your farmland, you need to have a solid contract in place that clearly outlines your rights and the rights and responsibilities of the lessee. I will discuss all aspects of your agreement with you and draft an agreement that meets everyone’s needs while still protecting your interests.

Hunting Lease Agreements

Whenever you enter into a lease agreement for your property, you will need assurances that you are protected from liability. I will help you draft the proper agreement that contains the necessary covenants to ensure proper safety measures and other restrictions are followed.

Simple Wills

I can help you draft a will designed to protect your loved ones. Should you die without a will, South Carolina statutes dictate how your assets will be distributed and to whom. Having a will allows you to make those decisions.

Powers of Attorney

Everyone needs to make plans for the possibility of being unable to make decisions for themselves. Powers of Attorney allow you to name a person you trust to manage your affairs in the event you are disabled and unable to communicate your wishes for your property and finances.

Health Care Directives

Should you have specific wishes for your end-of-life care or other healthcare needs, it is best to have a directive on file. This document ensures your physicians and your family understand your wishes, rather than leaving the decision up to others.

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