Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions can be very complex. Whether you are a new investor, or a seasoned investor, I can help protect your interests during the buying and selling process, through loan closings, or when you are refinancing a loan.

Buying & Selling Commercial Properties

Transactions involving commercial properties, such as shopping centers, office buildings, apartment complexes, and restaurants can be complicated by a myriad of issues, such as, zoning, local ordinances, easements, environmental issues, and existing lease agreements. Before signing a Purchase and Sale Contract, I will be glad to meet with you to create a plan for your transaction.

Commercial – Business Loan Closings

I can provide closing services for commercial real estate, as well a sale or purchase of a business. I understand the complexities involved in these types of transactions, and I will help ensure your interests are fairly represented at closing. I can also help ensure all clauses in closing documents are the same as those previously agreed upon in the Purchase and Sale Contracts.

Refinancing Business Loans

When you have an existing business loan and rates drop, it may be a good idea to consider refinancing. However, before you do, it is important to understand the terms offered under a new lending agreement and how they differ from your existing loan. Business loans can get very complex; in some cases, they require a personal guarantee. I will review the terms of the loan and make sure you understand what you are signing before you make a long-term commitment to a new business loan.

Business Lines of Credit

Many businesses maintain a line of credit to meet their day-to-day expenses and payroll. However, in some instances, there are clauses contained in these loans that prevent the use of funds for certain expenses. Those who are considering a new business line of credit should call my office and make an appointment; I am happy to review all loan documents to ensure you are getting the loan you need to help grow your business.


Commercial real estate deeds can be complicated; oftentimes there are rights of way, easements, multiple parcels of property, and one or more buildings. An improperly worded deed can infringe on your property rights and cloud the title. I will be happy to conduct a full review of the property to ensure you have a full understanding of your rights and other people’s possible rights in your property.

Title Examinations

It is not unusual for commercial real estate to have liens; either tax liens, liens from unpaid judgments, or liens for repairs that were never paid for. One of the conditions of closing is transfer clear title. I will review all outstanding liens to make sure you get a clean title at the closing, ensuring your interests are protected.

Construction Loans

There are numerous steps which must be fulfilled when you take out a commercial construction loan. Oftentimes, there are local, state, and federal regulations which may have an impact on your ability to draw money on a construction loan. I will be happy to help you through these transactions, making sure your interests are protected at all times.

If you are considering any commercial transaction in South Carolina, call The Real Estate & Business Law Firm of Franklin M. Shuler, LLC for help. I have experience handling complicated transactions, and I can help you with your commercial real estate needs.