Business Transactions

Business Transactions

Purchasing & Selling Businesses

There are a lot of moving parts in these type deals and numerous considerations which must be made when you are buying or selling an existing business. Contracts must contain specific language protecting both buyer and seller. I have handled numerous transactions, representing both buyers and sellers.

Asset Purchases

If you are considering purchasing the assets of another business, or you are considering investing in new equipment for your business, contact my office. The contracts must contain certain language to protect you and your investment. I am happy to help you with all aspects of these transactions.

Stock Purchases

When you are considering an existing business entity or an equity position in an existing company, there are many issues you must be aware of, including whether or not such a position gives you any say in the operations of the company. I am happy to help negotiate these transactions, review terms, or otherwise provide assistance during these transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Combining two businesses can result in a separate set of headaches. There is a considerable amount of details to be dealt with including the management of both companies, the employees, and transitioning the operations of each company into one viable entity. I can help you through this complicated process from negotiation through closing.


We all understand the importance of having contracts in business. These documents provide the legal basis for a transaction; it is the law between the parties. I can help you draft the right contracts for all your business needs.

I am committed to being involved in your business transactions. There is no deal too small or too complex for my office to handle. Contact The Real Estate & Business Law Firm of Franklin M. Shuler, LLC for all your business transactional needs in South Carolina.